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What Really Causes Bad Breath — and How Can You Fight It?

bad breath

What Really Causes Bad Breath — and How Can You Fight It?

A: Bad breath can have various causes, including diet, gastroesophageal  reflux (GERD) and poor oral hygiene.

While GERD is a health issue associated with breath problems, you should see your doctor if you suspect it.

More often,  improvements in oral hygiene can solve bad breath issues. Your best bet is to floss once a day, brush two to three times a day for two to three minutes, and rinse with a bacterial-fighting rinse. If you wear dentures, keep in mind that food trapped under a poor-fitting denture can cause bad breath, as can not removing and cleaning the denture on a daily basis.

Remember: Breath mints are only a cover up if there is a real problem. Most of the time, bad breath is a hygiene problem, and you can take steps to improve it.

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