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Signs A Cut Requires An Emergency Department Visit

Signs A Cut Requires An Emergency Department Visit

It’s tricky to tell whether a cut or scrape needs a doctor’s attention.

Everyone gets skinned knees, small cuts, puncture wounds or animal scratches once in awhile.

And many minor lacerations heal without medical intervention. But some injuries require stitches or other types of treatment to ensure proper healing.

An adult’s cut or a child’s injury may warrant a visit to an emergency department, but how do you tell?

Signs a cut requires an emergency department visit

Certain lacerations and wounds almost always require a visit to the ER or urgent care center. Head to an ER for evaluation if the wound is:

  • Deep enough to expose the dermis or yellow subcutaneous fatty tissue
  • Gaping open so that you can’t easily use gentle pressure to press the edges together
  • Located on or across a joint (You may also have damaged nerves, tendons, or ligaments.)
  • The result of an animal or human bite (You may need a tetanus booster shot or oral antibiotics, as well as stitches.)
  • A result of a foreign object impaling the area
  • Made by a high-pressure impact from a projectile like a bullet
  • Contaminated or resulting from a very dirty or rusty object
  • Bleeding profusely (and flow does not appear to slow)
  • On a cosmetically significant area, such as the face
  • On or near the genitalia
  • Edison Maclane
    August 15, 2018 at 12:45 am

    I appreciate it when you said that the person needs to go to the hospital if their wound is too large and gaping open that pressing it together to stop the bleeding will not work. To be honest, I haven’t checked my brother’s wound yet, but he did say that he cannot stop the bleeding. It might be for the best if I take him to the professional for a checkup.

  • Charles Mitchell
    September 1, 2018 at 12:04 am

    It sure got me when you said that the person has a medical emergency if their cut or wound is gaping open that using force cannot stop the bleeding. The only problem is that the wound is on my brother’s foot, so he cannot afford to stand up as blood will come pouring out. I think we need to settle with finding a doctor who will do house service. Hopefully, I find one right away.

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