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Simple Health Habits Worth Adopting Into Your Life

1. Don’t just take the stairs — use them If you have stairs at your home or office, take them every chance you get. But don’t stop there. For a strong cardio workout, walk up and down the stairs repeatedly. Start with a limited number of repetitions, then increase them as you feel stronger. 2. Drink 1 extra glass of water There are health benefits to drinking more water. It helps keep your temperature normal, lubricates...

Signs A Cut Requires An Emergency Department Visit

It’s tricky to tell whether a cut or scrape needs a doctor’s attention. Everyone gets skinned knees, small cuts, puncture wounds or animal scratches once in awhile. And many minor lacerations heal without medical intervention. But some injuries require stitches or other types of treatment to ensure proper healing. An adult’s cut or a child’s injury may warrant a visit to an emergency department, but how do you tell? Signs a cut requires an emergency...

Walk, Bike, and Swim Your Way To Boosting Body Defenses

You know exercise builds muscles, strengthens bones, keeps your heart healthy and your mind sharp. But it also does something that you might not think much about: It helps keep your immune system — your internal defenses against infection — in tip-top shape. If you take time for some physical exertion each day, it helps get your body ready to attack bacteria, viruses and toxins that can sneak in and make...

10 Tips For Coping During The Harmattan Season

Just as winter does for the west, the dry season heralds Nigerians to the end of year. The signs are everywhere: dry skin (because of obvious loss of moisture), cracked lips, sole of the feet and even the skin itself. Some cracks even become ulcerated. The harmattan weather by its nature is harsh, and with this harshness comes a lot of adverse effects on our health and well-being. The northern part of...

How To Know When Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Something About Your Health

Your body is like a billboard for your state of health. By knowing the telltale clues, you can tell much about what’s going on — and whether it’s time to see the doctor for further followup. Listen closely: Is your body trying to tell you something? What Your Tongue Can Tell You           For clues about problems in your mouth, all you have to do is stick out your tongue and look in the...

Should You Bandage a Cut or Sore, or Let It Air Out?

Airing out most wounds isn’t beneficial because wounds need moisture to heal. Leaving a wound uncovered may dry out new surface cells, which can increase pain or slow the healing process. Most wound treatments or coverings promote a moist — but not overly wet — wound surface. For example, we apply a topical antibiotic ointment to a scrape or small cut, and then cover it with gauze or a bandage. This keeps new skin...

Deja Vu: What It Is, When It May Be Cause for Concern

Déjà vu is a brisk, stunning sensation of having already lived a totally identical situation in some undefined past. The feeling that you’ve done this exact same thing once before — been in this place, engaged in this conversation — overwhelms you. At the same time, you’re clearly aware that this cannot be reality because you have never been in this place or met these people at any time in your...

When Can I Give Eggs, Peanuts or Fish to My Baby?

It’s best to start early in exposing most healthy babies under age 1 to potentially allergenic foods, such as eggs and peanuts. There’s no evidence that waiting until children are older has any benefits. In fact, introducing eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts and fish prevents the development of food allergies. An important study in 2015 demonstrated a protective effect against the development of peanut allergy from early and regular incorporation of peanut-containing foods into the diets of infants...

6 Ways to Manage Your Diabetes Over the Holidays

It can be tough to resist overeating, drinking too much, and stressing out over the holidays. It’s even tougher when you’re dealing with a chronic condition like diabetes. Follow these tips to cope with temptation and seasonal stress 1. Stick to your schedule As often as possible, try to get up, eat, exercise, and take your diabetes and other medications at about the same time as you usually do — even on days off...

When Should I Worry About a One-Sided Headache?

A: One-sided headaches can mean different things. I ask my patients: Are the headaches continuous or do they come and go ? How long do the headaches last? When we talk about unilateral or one-sided headaches, there’s a distinct family of headache disorders called TACs, or the trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, and they have four distinct headaches: Cluster headache. This type more often affects men. These headache attacks can occur around certain seasons. They last 15 to 180...