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Nizamiye hospital has a beautiful and outstanding radiology department, well-equipped with the latest and assorted equipment. We have the latest radiographic artillery, MRI 1.5 Tesla, 128 multi-slice CT, Mammogram, 2 x-rays, 2 Mobile x-rays, Panoramic x-ray,  C-armed fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.

Our team is forged out of 2 Radiologists, 7 radiographers and 3 secretaries, with excellent potentials.

In 4d ultrasonography, we are showing baby faces and movements to parents and also given coloured pictures.

We also indulge in ultrasound-guided biopsy procedures.

The most common cancer is prostate CA and breast CA in females. We are performing multi-parametric breast and prostate MRI studies, which is a new development in MRI, therefore we can depict early forms of cancer in the breast and prostate.

Nowadays, one of the most rampant causes of mortality is known to be cardiovascular disease, it is demonstrated by conventional coronary angiography, which is an invasive procedure. Nevertheless, we perform coronary angiography, with the aid of newly advanced CT scanners, which is a non-invasive procedure. In our department, we have 128 multi-slice CT scan machines to perform this CT coronary angiography procedure within 30 minutes, after the procedure patient is safe to return home.

Some biopsy procedures like lung or abdominal masses biopsy are also performed in our CT room by an interventional radiologist.