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Anesthesiology & Algology

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Anesthesia is pharmacologically induced temporary and reversible state of unconsciousness, suppression of pain and weakened reflexes without interfering with patient’s vital functions. Having extensive experience our anesthesiologists take an active and primary role at this stage.
Pain was previously seen as a symptom of an illness. However, today it is accepted as an illness on its own. Illness related pain could disappear once the illness is treated. However some forms of chronic pain syndromes are of no apparent cause. In such cases, the objective should be to keep patient’s suffering at a minimum. Our sophisticated treatment methods are effective in controlling terminal stage cancer pains.
Pains which cannot be treated with traditional methods such as: Migraines, Zona zoster, Neuralgias, Coccydynia, Somatic, Muscle Originated and Discopathic pains are managed with methods like Accupuncture, local anesthetic infiltration, nerve blocks.